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Attention new clients, color will only be applied to the tail. This is to ensure the comfort of your pet and to provide the best service possible.

Coloring services are what Jasthepetstylist is known for in the city of Chicago. She only uses pet safe products for her creative grooming.

There are various coloring options clients can choose from. Two of the most common are semi-permanent and permanent colors. Semi permanent dye lasts 6-8 washes, permanent can be cut out as the coat grows. Permanent dye is more vibrant!


Your furbaby must be at least 6 months of age. Remember when a furbaby is getting color he or she must be free of skin problems.

Coloring is a lengthy yet relaxing process, if you're booking for color please consider your furbaby will be in the salon 3-6 hours depending on the request.


Gray, Brown, and Black dogs can be dyed. The coat will go through a lightening process; your pup should come in 4 weeks later for a conditioning treatment.

If your pet is matted, they may not be eligible for coloring services. Temperament is also key, if your pet is not comfortable with color application, no color will be done. Difficult dogs for grooming are not eligible for color.

Example prices paid at $60/hr


Pony Tail/





Full Body









Lightening  $60/hr

(Black and darker coats)

Price examples above are for single colors, each additional color is $5       

All color services include a deep conditioner

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Color Anchor Prices
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