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Dog Grooming FAQs

  • What criteria does a Returning Client have to meet?
    A Returning Client is a customer that was a regular customer abiding by the mandatory schedule as of December 31, 2022.
  • Are there any client rules?
    All clients must remain on a mandatory grooming schedule of 4 to 6 weeks. After 8 weeks without a groom, you will receive a ‘Lapsed Client Fee’ of $25 a week. After 12 weeks you may be removed from the client list and unable to rebook.
  • Do you require any shot records for my pet to receive service?
    Royal Pawz requires a rabies shot for all puppies 6 months and older
  • Is there a deposit for my puppy to be serviced?
    Yes there is a $25 non-refundable deposit to lock in all appts that goes to the balance of your puppy's service
  • At what age can my fur baby get his or her first haircut?
    The youngest pets we service are 16 weeks old.
  • How long does the grooming process take?
    2-3 hours during the week and 3-4 hours during busy weekends.
  • How often can I bathe my dog?
    You can bathe your fur baby weekly as long as you’re moisturizing the skin and coat.
  • Is there an extra fee for matted dogs?
    Yes, matting fees vary from $5-$40.
  • Does matting hurt a dog?
    Matting can be very painful. To avoid this please keep your pup on a regular grooming schedule. We require a 4 to 6 week grooming schedule for all clients.
  • Is your coloring pet safe?
    Yes all of our coloring products used are pet safe.
  • How old must my puppy be to get colored?
    Puppies can be colored after they’ve reached 6 months of age.
  • Can you dye black dogs?
    Yes black dogs can be dyed; they require a lightening process; there is an extra fee for this service.
  • My dog has allergies do you have hypoallergenic shampoo?
    Yes we have hypoallergenic shampoo and various other shampoos for all skin and coat needs.
  • What payment options do you accept?
    Currently the payments we accept are Credit/Debit, Cash App, Apple Pay, and Zelle.
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