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Customer Policy

For the comfort of your pet as well as to achieve the best haircut possible with little matting fees, all pets are required to be on a mandatory 4 to 6 or 8 week grooming schedule. A member of our staff will speak with you personally about what schedule best works with your pet.

After 8 weeks of non-service you will be charged $25 a week for a 'Lapsed Client Charge.' After 12 weeks you risk being removed from our client list.


All appointments require a $25 deposit to be paid within 2 hours of booking the appointment. The deposit does go toward your final bill and it is not refundable.

All reschedules must be done 48 hours before the appointment time otherwise deposit will be lost.

Please pick up behind your pets, we are not responsible for cleaning up behind your fur baby before or after they are in our care, only during!

Clients are given a 10 minute grace period. After 15 minutes they will be subject to a late fee per the groomers choice or risk losing their appointment or deposit.

Please do not arrive before we contact you as your baby may be on the table at the time and may become excited during grooming, if this happens we will stop grooming until your pet's excitement subsides.

Cash is not kept on the premises.

During a female dog's menstrual cycle, please avoid bringing her in for grooming. If you do decide to book a service, a $30 disposable fee is assessed.

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